The most important thing is safety. Safety for your client, yourself, and the public. This free class is designed to help you prepare and create a safe environment for returning to work after the COVID-19 outbreak. Our wish is that it not only aids you with complying with regulations and being safe, but that it also teaches you how and why each practice works.

Luckily, as a permanent makeup artist, we are already trained in bloodborne pathogens. We must take that knowledge and apply it to a higher standard so that we are ready to work again. For anyone looking to review bloodborne pathogens or is new to the permanent makeup industry, we highly recommend taking our Infection Control for Body Art class. 

All of us from SofTap wish you good health! Please enjoy and stay safe during this troubling time.

This course awards a certificate of recognition upon completion

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SofTap® cannot anticipate all conditions under which the SofTap® products, classes and procedures will be taught and/or performed. All trainer and technician members are independent contractors and therefore the SofTap® Co. accepts no responsibility for the results obtained by the application of our products, either done alone or in combination with other products, the quality of classes, and/or the quality of the procedures performed. Users are advised to make their own determinations for the suitability of each product, product combination, classes, and/or procedures for their own purposes

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