Gorgeous Lips

at your Fingertips

The secret to timeless, lasting lip color is now available to you.

Learn how to use manual SofTap tools to create the most stunning lip line & feather looks for your clientele - without a machine.

Lip Line & Feather is the cornerstone procedure of all pmu lip procedures.

This classic style is diverse and can breathe color and dimension into any client's lips.


  • The different styles of lip lining and feathering
  • How to choose a lip line & feather design and treatment for your client
  • LLF design
  • Manual tapping techniques for lip lining
  • Manual tapping techniques for lip feathering
  • Easy color selection for lips, including using multiple colors for dimension
  • Easy hand method needle selection
  • Quick steps to create symmetrical lips

This course also includes:

  • Over 2 hours of video (broken into smaller videos throughout the course)
  • 15+ guided practice exercises
  • Handouts and diagrams
  • Full Lip case study
  • Opportunity to discuss with your instructor and peers
  • Final exam (must pass to obtain certificate)

The art of manual lip tattooing is just a click away!

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This class awards a certificate of completion of 6 hours

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This class is intended to instruct individuals in the theoretical application of a lip line & feather procedure
This class is NOT designed to certify individuals in the practical application of permanent cosmetics and does not guarantee the quality of any individual’s work
SofTap® cannot anticipate all conditions under which the SofTap® products, classes and procedures will be taught and/or performed. All trainer and technician members are independent contractors and therefore the SofTap® Co. accepts no responsibility for the results obtained by the application of our products, either done alone or in combination with other products, the quality of classes, and/or the quality of the procedures performed. Users are advised to make their own determinations for the suitability of each product, product combination, classes, and/or procedures for their own purposes

Lovely, Naturally Defined Lips

Gently lining the lips with manual SofTap tools can refresh a lip shape and softly blend into the natural lip color.

This is a wonderful procedure to provide for clients of all ages that need a bloom of color and definition to their lips.

Learn the subtle art of light lip lining, to more defined, as well as combining line effects.

Details are key in placing pigment just inside the border of the lip, to blend color seamlessly into the perfect pout.

Purchase Options

Practice for Perfection

Follow along with detailed practice exercises, demos, and video. This class has an optional practice kit with all the tools needed!

Case Study for Lip Line & Feather

Beginning to end demonstration for lip line & feathering! Learn setup, design, color and needle selection, application, healing, and more.

Successful Color Effects

SofTap lip pigments heal with classic, natural color that will look beautiful at any age.