Final Step Before Applying for PMU License in NJ

Take and pass the approved SofTap practitioner final exam to complete your education before applying for your license in New Jersey.

Before You Take This Test

  • You must complete 100 hours of pmu training from a NJ approved program (see for more information)
  • Your 100 hours of training must include a portion of supervised, hands-on training that includes:
  • 5 eyebrow procedures
  • 5 eyeliner procedures
  • 5 lip procedures
  • You must provide a copies of your certificate(s) from your training to show you have completed 100 hours of training (including supervised live procedures)

You must pass with a score of at least 81%

You are allowed 3 attempts to take the exam to pass (if you do not pass in 3 attempts you must pay and enroll again)

This class awards a certificate of passing the SofTap New Jersey Exam

***When creating your account, please use your name as you would like it to appear on your certificate***

This exam is intended to test the knowledge of a softap practitioner in permanent cosmetics before they apply for their license in new jersey.
This exam does not guarantee the quality of any individual practitioner's work.
SofTap® cannot anticipate all conditions under which the SofTap® products, classes and procedures will be taught and/or performed. All trainer, mentor and technician members are independent contractors and therefore the SofTap® Co. accepts no responsibility for the results obtained by the application of our products, either done alone or in combination with other products, the quality of classes, and/or the quality of the procedures performed. Users are advised to make their own determinations for the suitability of each product, product combination, classes, and/or procedures for their own purposes.

NJ Exam Only

(approved training hours already acquired)