Course Credit: 2 hours

Introducing Beginner SofTap Brow Color Theory. SofTap colors are very easy to use, have a safe track record, and give the most gorgeous natural results. Learn how to use these world famous pigments to create lovely soft and natural eyebrows. This course includes:

  • How to select colors (for beginners)
  • Step by step walkthroughs for various clients
  • Real photos of how each color heals
  • How to select color for different skin types
  • How to select color for full brows, sparse, brows, half-brows, and no brows
  • How to select color for hair strokes
  • Favorite color mixes
  • Color tips and tricks

At the end of the course, you may take the final exam to earn your certificate in the theoretical component of Beginner's Color Theory. This class will remain available to you at all times, even after you have completed and passed the quiz at the end of the course.

Because education is an intangible object and cannot be returned, there will be no refunds after a payment for a class has been completed. Please be sure to preview the sample of the course and review the course description before paying your class. Thank you!

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Let's Get Mixing

Get some SofTap tips on color mixes

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See All Eyebrow Colors

Real live results on real clients and all skin types

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Learn Your Palettes

Cool, neutral, warm, light, medium, dark? We've got the know-how for you

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I developed this class for the beginner beginner--number one on learning about SofTap Colors. Its a great start to your colorful journey in SofTap!