What's Inside

This book includes basics for beginners, as well as great reference material for advanced and continuing education professionals. This beautiful full-color paperback may allow you to:

  • Learn the famous SofTap manual technique for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, areola, camouflage, correction, and more
  • Learn about SofTap needle sizes, gauges, and how to choose the right needle to get the effect you want
  • Learn SofTap color theory for virgin brows, touchups, corrections, and color mixing
  • Learn design for permanent makeup
  • Create style choices for your clients
  • Learn the best techniques for your desired effect
  • Create ombre brows, winged eyeliner, smudgy effects, lip liner, full lips, and much more
  • Explore the power of SofTap Lightning for pigment exfoliation and correction
  • Practice brow design with eyebrow matching exercises
  • Use valuable handouts for consultations, bloodborne pathogens, topical anesthetics, advanced correction procedures, and more
  • Use sample forms for clients to create your own documents

This manual is an excellent first step for beginning permanent makeup artists, as well as practiced hands in the industry. Written by SofTap Educational Director Irene Kennerley, with contributions from SofTap Founder Alexis Lawson, as well as contributions from the SofTap company, SofTap Trainers and Technicians, and industry leaders in the permanent makeup industry.

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Carry your SofTap Manual with you always and get answers to common questions, look up needle choices, and much more.

Print is available as a beautiful glossy paperback.

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